LiveCode for the Real Beginner Survey

Thank you for filling out this survey. Your answers help us to decide whether to re-print the book LiveCode for the Real Beginner. We will also use the data collected to determine interest in an edited edition of the book and to improve our services.

If you change your mind or if your situation changes (e.g. you decide to buy the book or the book arrives or you change jobs) you can always fill out this survey again.

Everybody is invited to fill out this questionary! If you haven't bought the book or aren't interested in programming, then you will probably choose "I don't know" quite frequently, but your other answers are still important!

This survey has 17 questions. It should take you at most 15 minutes to answer all questions.

1) What describes you best?
I'm a teacher of Computer Science or other IT-related subject
I'm a self-employed developer using LiveCode as the main development tool
I'm a self-employed software developer
I'm a professional software developer, with LiveCode as the main development tool
I'm a professional software developer
I develop software in my spare time only, with LiveCode as the main development tool
I develop software in my spare time only
I'm a student
I don't want to tell

2) Have you bought any books during the past 18 months? (Not just "Programming LiveCode..." but any book).
I have bought at least one physical book and at least one e-book
I have bought physical books only
I have bought e-books only
I haven't bought any books at all

3) Have you bought the book "Programming LiveCode..."?

4) If you bought the book, have you received it already?
I didn't buy it

5) Are you happy with the information provided in the book?
It is too difficult or contains too much info
It is not advanced enough or contains too little info
It is just about right
I haven't bought or received it (yet)

6) Are you happy with the physical appearance of the book? (This includes the cover and the paper)
I haven't bought or received it (yet)

7) The book is sent in an air bubble envelope. Do you think that air bubble envelopes protect books
I don't know

8) Regardless of your decision to buy the book or not, do you think the book is reasonably priced at EUR 32 (or USD 42)?
too expensive
just about right
too cheap
I have no opinion

9) How much would you be willing to pay, if the book were shipped in a carton box rather than an envelope and shipping were faster?
EUR 32 (i.e. the same as now)
more than EUR 41 but less than EUR 49
more than EUR 49
I don't want to buy the printed book
I don't know

10) How much would you be willing to pay extra if we added an e-book to the printed version?
less than EUR 16
EUR 16-28
EUR 28-36
more than EUR 36
I don't know

11) How much would you be willing to pay for an e-book alone?
less than EUR 26
EUR 26-34
EUR 34-52
more than EUR 52
I don't know

12) Do you plan to buy one or more copies of the physical book when it is available again?
yes, 1
yes, between 2 and 10
yes, more than 10
I don't know

13) If you decided to buy a(nother) copy of the book, would you prefer
the current A5 format with soft cover
a slightly larger format with soft cover
a medium-sized luxury edition with hard cover, more pictures and exercises
the current A5 format with exercises for students
I can't decide

14) Would you recommend this book to your students/colleagues/friends?
I don't know

15) How long have you waited for delivery, or if the book hasn't arrived yet, how long ago did you order the book?
at most 3 weeks
4-5 weeks
6-8 weeks
more than 8 weeks
I don't remember
I didn't order the book

16) Please, describe briefly how a book about LiveCode helps you in your daily activities or tell us why it wouldn't help you:

17) Would you like to receive an e-mail with the results of this survey and our newsletter? If so, please enter your e-mail address here: