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Have you read the book Programming LiveCode for the Real Beginner?

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To make sure that this site works correctly and also out of curiosity, I ask you this questions.
asked May 7, 2013 by mark (3,090 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Mark,

Yes, I did ! I did read all the book rather thoroughly, except chapters 22 and 23, which are not of primary importance for what I do with LC. Oh, well, I did read them, but without digging seriously in the scripts.

Many thanks and congratulations for this book. I do not think however it is so easy for a "real beginner". Some concepts come out from the sky without even a commentary sentence. One example is the target, which appears first in a script p. 103. In such cases, if you don't want to modify the text, a graphic suggestion to look at the dictionary (e.g. a little book icon in the margin or a special lettering) could ease the way for the beginner. LC is a really bushy jungle, you know.

But for people like me, who are neither beginners (I'm programming since the sixties, I heavily used Hypercard for my teaching and started with Revolution at version 1) nor professional programmers (I'm a retired biologist), your book is an excellent refreshing course, and I really enjoyed it, discovering here and there some subtelties of whose I was not aware.

As the book is already almost out of print, I hope you'll continue with a second edition. Still bravo for the work.

answered Jun 12, 2013 by jhausser (730 points)
Thanks for your comments. There is a lot of information in the book and a few subjects got slightly mixed up in the creative process. This will be corrected where possible in future editions. Many thanks again. Your input is very valuable.